January 1, 2016 Psychic forecast 2016 for the Middle East and the world!


2016 promises to be explosive for both, East and West. What does Martin Zoller’s psychic forecast say? How is the general situation in the Middle East? In the major capitals of the world? What will be the faith of our politicians? FM met Martin Zoller to learn about his visions for this year.

According to the famous psychic, the existing fronts will be more" hot "and there will be no real solutions to the conflicts in countries that are at war or experiencing tensions. The political influence of the international community will be able to control existing conflicts but no real peace is looming on the horizon, no stability. Martin Zoller ensures that "the power struggle between Iran and Saudi Arabia will intensify through a new proxy conflict. Iran will be able to strengthen its position in relation to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia will have to deal with internal power struggles in its own country that will weaken it. Daesh (ISIS) will continue to be strong; its action will expand to Western countries. We shall see lots of instability and insecurity. "

Will Lebanon suffer from terrorism? Any assassinations of political figures?

"Daesh (ISIS) and other terrorist groups from Syria will increase their activities against Lebanon massively and repeatedly crossing the borders of the country. Unrest and violence will start in Tripoli again and the north of the country. Beirut will experience several attacks but there will be no assassinations of influential political figures. Economically, the country will remain stable.

An important religious personality from abroad will visit Lebanon.

For sure in 2016 a president will be elected.

According to Martin Zoller, Hezbollah will continue to be strongly involved in Syria, without really weakening it. Between Israel and Hezbollah a violent conflict breaks out and blood will flow. The nature of this violence is not to conduct an open war, but with attacks on specific individuals or entities. There will be deaths on both sides. Hezbollah will lose one of its leaders. An Israeli attack will take place inside Lebanese territory. Hezbollah will kill Israelis, either in a group or meeting. These mutual attacks take place around May. There will not be an open war or conflict between Sunnis and Shiites in Lebanon.

Will Lebanon in 2016 extract its oil from the sea?

No, not yet.

Will the Syrian conflict be resolved? Will Bashar Assad stay in power?

Yes, ensures Zoller. "Bashar al-Assad will remain in power. The country is moving with little steps towards a peaceful solution. No peace agreement yet in this year. The government will continue to strengthen its position. Syria will not fall apart in “mini-states”.

What does 2016 bring for Europe and the USA?

For Europe a very difficult year is looming on the horizon. Conflicts are caused not only by foreigners but also because of aggressive reactions from their own people. 2016 will be remembered as a year changing the course of Europe. 2016 and 2017 will be critical for Europe and its stability!

In the United States the presidential elections will be shadowed by a tragic event. The country will become even more dictatorial than before. Economically, the country will remain stable. Political conflicts between the United States and other countries will get worse. The political establishment will cause a verbal conflict with a high religious institution. Religious freedom will become increasingly limited. It will lose of its direct influence in the Middle East. In 2016, the United States will focus more on their internal problems and less on global issues.

Psychic forecast for Lebanese politicians

Samir Geagea

His political position is stable. It will be possible for him to maintain a healthy and positive political and economic environment, despite the obstacles that cross his path.

Hassan Nasrallah

Struggle within his party and difficult moments but he will be able to control. No weakness in stability or political power.

Sami Gemayel

Rivals will try to harm him. Someone from his own camp will stand up against him and try to weaken him. The year will be difficult. He must be careful.

Saad Hariri

He will retain his power and will even become stronger. His political career is far from being over.

Walid Jumblatt

This year he will become very important as mediator. He must be careful with his heart. A checkup might be necessary.

Nabih Berry

Personal and not political changes on the horizon. He will remain in his position and will keep the same power.

Michel Aoun

The first half of the year will be good. In the second half, he will have to work with financial problems. From abroad he will receive a very important support. He will not become President.

Sleiman Franjieh

His political future is very promising; he has many trump cards in his hands.

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